WindiStar 4500 Wind Turbine (4500 watts)

WS4500 is a high performance, high powered wind turbine which provides real time bulk power, available in both off grid and grid tie configuration. The WS4500 competes very favourably with internationally reputed 5KW/6KW wind turbines and provides a peak power more than 5KW at a much lower rotor speed resulting in quiet and noiseless operation. Our last 10 years' experience installing more than 500 nos, Whisper 500 (3.2KW) wind turbines & last 4 years experience in manufacturing and exporting another 250 nos Whisper 500 (3.2KW) has helped us to design a wind turbine where all the features have been vastly improved by using a totally new technology.

Superbly Upgraded Design:

  • Peack output crosses even 5KW although turbine is rated for 4.5KW output.
  • Latest design & peak logging alternator generates ultra high output in same dimension.
  • Excellent alternator design keeps peak temperature below 550C even at rated output –hence no chance of short circuit /burn out failure.
  • The alternator, rotor & 3 blades set perfectly matched for reduction of rotation speed by 30% and dumping of both lateral/radialrotor movement resulting in in ultra smooth quiet operation at noise level less than 35/40DB.
  • Unlike other is 5KW/6KW wind turbineswhich weigh more than 300 KG ,the WS4500 weighs only 113Kg and is designed to fit in to the Whisper 500 tower-hence no extra cost of tower & lower investment per KW of capacity.
  • Lightweight & high performance WS4500 can be installed anywhere like building roof top ,hill side & even narrow pathway between fields or sea breakwater.
  • The high quality of carbon fibre blades, marine grade powder coat as per ASTM-B 117 & use of stainless steel and electroless nickel coated fasteners & parts allow WS4500 to be installed anywhere.


  • Rural electrification & farm power and water supply.
  • 230V AC mains Grid Tie ,roof top installation on high rise buildings.
  • Water pumping model is also available (WS4500 with LRES pump controller can be connected to any 3 phase submersible or surface water pump and can pump water from bore wells of 200/300 ft.
  • Military/Para Military camp power supply.
  • Island and lighthouse continuous power supply

Turbine Specifications:

Model WINDISTAR 4500
Rotor Diameter 4.6 m
Swept Area 16.61 m2
Weight 113 kg (Including blades and tail boom)
Mount 127mm diameter Pipe Mounted
Start-Up Wind Speed 3.5 m/s
Rated wind speed 12.5 m/s
Alternator PM 3 Phase Alternator
Alternator Efficiency 90 %
Magnets NdFeb N35,Nickel Plating
Insulation Class Class 'H'
Voltage Configuration(L.V. Model) 48 V Nominal
Voltage Configuration (H.V. Model.) 96V/120V/240V Nominal
Rated Power 4500 watt @ 12.5 m/s,600 R.P.M
Number of Blades 3
Material of Blades Carbon fiber composite ,fiber glass & Epoxy Bonding
Material of Body Powder coated MS with marinization Treatment
Survival Wind Speed 55 m/s
Over-speed Protection Furling ,Dump Load & Manual Brake Switch
Controller External Regulator
Bearings Low Friction, totally enclosed self-lubricated
Controller Output Voltage options : 48V DC (LV) 96V, 120V, 240VDC (HV)
Rated Power : (4500 watts)
Max. Lateral Thrust 420 KGF

WindiStar 4500 Controller

The WS4500 charge controller is an intelligent Wind Charge Controller to provide the safest, secure and productive wind generator operation. The Controller mechanism includes the monitoring of various parameters like battery voltage, battery charging, load diversion, auto manual setting, cumulative kWh, etc.

The controller is PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) type charge controller.


  • Well-suited for 48V / 96V / 120V / 240V.
  • Clear alpha-numeric digital LCD screen with user selectable display options.
  • Equipped with advanced microcontroller based technology to provide easy access for monitoring and operation for the user.
  • Energy saving backlight option.
  • Controller diverts extra energy to dumpload, when batteries are fully charged.
  • Battery over Voltage Protection.
    • Equipped with LCD display , with following features,
      • -Displays battery voltage, battery charging current, kW and kWh reading,
      • -battery UV and OV status, Instantaneous / monthly / average wind speed in m/s – if anemometer is ordered along with the controller.
  • Supervisory Password Provision

Key Features:

  • Capacity 4500W 48V for WS4500. (96V/120V/240V voltages also available)
  • Status monitoring of battery low & battery high – LCD display on front panel.
  • Status monitoring Liquid Crystal Display on the front panel, displaying various parameters.
  • Modular construction for easy installation and dismantling.
  • Powder coated – corrosion proof sheet steel box.
  • Suitable for Rack mounting and the Wall mounting.
  • Lightning surge protective devices.
  • Operating ambient upto 52°C.

The Whisper controller is equipped with latest PWM (Pulse width modulation) technology to slowly lower the charging energy applied to the batteries as the batteries get closer to fully charged. This topology allows the batteries to be more uniformly charged with less stress on the battery, extending battery life. It also keeps the batteries in a fully charged state by adjusting pulse width (called float mode)

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