Solar Chargers

Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display

  • Battery State-of-Charge display LCD Charge and discharge status display
  • Acoustic load disconnect pre-warning
  • Load status indication
  • Choose between 5 load disconnect algorithms
  • boost/absorption/float PWM-regulation (series type)
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Covered terminals(up to 16mm2 wire size)
  • Full solid-state protection

The CX series is a sophisticated solar charge controller family with exceptional features for its price range. Beside a perfect PWM regulation with integrated temperature compensation the controllers provide extraordinary display, programming and safety functions.
The battery state of charge is clearly displayed with a bar chart, as well as energy flows from and to the battery and the load status (e.g. overload, load short circuit). The deep discharge protection function can be set up to three different modes: voltage controlled, SOC controlled or adaptive (fuzzy logic).
Acoustic warnings are built in, and also a programmable nightlight function.
As an accessory we can provide an Excess Energy Management output to control special appliances like the SF solar refrigerators/coolers.
The compact case design is prepared for DIN rail mounting (mounting device available as an accessory).

Charge current max. 10A 20A 40A
Load current max.
10A 20A 40A
System voltage
12/24V 12/24V 12/24V
Self power consumption <4mA <4mA <4mA
Dimensions 89x90x39mm 89x90x39mm 89x90x39mm
Type of protection
IP22 IP22 IP22


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