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For important installations like telecom / communication / defence / Lighthouse, where continuous power supply is required 24X7, only wind solar hybrid is not sufficient since in some days, neither wind power nor solar power is available to the extent that is required for supply of power for 24 hours. A wind solar diesel hybrid contains AC grid power and diesel power in tandem with wind solar hybrid and in any emergency, the alternative conventional power is injected in short burst to recharge battery and keep the power supply going. This is a perfect system for guaranteed power at remote locations. Wherever diesel generator is used for continuous power supply, it reduces out the diesel consumption by as much as 90%.

The master controller is a composite wind, solar, battery, diesel, AC mains & load output control system all in one. It monitors all the wind power & solar power inputs to the battery, factors in the battery amphere hour efficiency & also monitors the battery output of the load to continuously monitor the battery state of charge. In case of low wind & solar power generation, the battery gets drained to a low state of charge. At a pre-specified low state of charge, the master controller signals for alternative battery charging source. If the mains power is available, it is selected for charging the battery but if mains power is not available, the master controller triggers the starting of connected diesel generator for charging the battery from alternative source. The master controller has a built-in heavy duty battery charger which is designed to recharge the battery within 2-3 hours for tubular flooded batteries (in case of VRLA/Gel batteries, the time taken will be more) .After the battery is recharged to a safe state of charge level, the master controller automatically shuts off the diesel generator or the mains power supply. This can also be programmed to provide equalizing charge to the battery at required intervals to keep it healthy & at high Ampere Hour efficiency.

A master controller can control any number of wind turbines and any capacity of solar modules at the same time. So far the largest master controller made by us will control 15 nos. wind turbines and 20Kw of solar panels for a very important installation. Even bigger systems can be designed & manufactured.

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