Auto Change Over Switch

Wind solar hybrid power plants are connected to residence, small hotels, hospitals, schools, etc in remote location where electricity supply is irregular. If the wind solar hybrid is not large enough to meet the full load of the building for 24 hours, it can be programmed to supply electricity by renewable energy for a fixed period of time everyday or for providing backup electricity whenever there is a power failure.

It can also be programmed for a fixed duration supply everyday and also to supply backup power as and when needed. All these power supply from the renewable energy system or from the grid power can be controlled by a small hardware which we call "Auto change Over Switch". This ensures optimum use of power supply everyday and also ensures that the system is not so much over loaded that the inverter burns out or power backup is not extended for to much time so that the battery gets deep discharged. It is a protection system for the inverter, battery and the wind solar power plant which also ensures that maximum power generated everyday is used in the building instead of grid power.

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