Grid (Tie) Power Supply

Most of the small wind turbines and wind solar hybrid power plants are used to generate power in off-grid areas. They charge a battery which in return stores and supplies the power through inverter. In this process there is a considerably loss of efficiency during charging of the battery and inversion through inverter. While major improvements have been made by us for reducing battery charging loss and improving inverter efficiency the most efficient way of wind power generation is by using grid tie small wind turbines.

Skystream is the most popular small grid tie wind turbine in the world manufactured by Southwest Windpower (USA) and marketed by us in the sub-continent. It has a built-in speed control and intelligent inverter by which single phase 220V 50Hz AC power is directly fed to the mains grid of any residential or office or factory building. Thereby battery charging losses and DC to AC conversion losses are avoided.

On the hill sides, islands and rugged terrain where large gird connected wind turbines cannot be installed, hundreds of small Skystream wind turbines could be installed and connected to a 3 ph 440V AC grid from where bulk power can be evacuated.

Advantages of Skystream

  • Can be mounted on roof tops, factory roofs, and backyards of any building – very little space required.
  • Installed exactly on the consumption point leading to virtually no line losses.
  • Very light weight and easy to install – smart looking.
  • Very low payback period – in windy zones having more than 6m/s annual average wind speed, the turbine pays back the investment within 4-5 years.
  • Latest design rotor & blades leads to very low acoustic – even less than any background noise – very neighbor friendly due to very low noise levels.

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