About Us

Sri Ragavendra Power Controls incorporated in the year of 1996 and is a renowned manufacturer, dealer and supplier and service provider of Solar Products like Solar Modules, Solar Lighting, Solar Thermal and other solar products. Headquartered in Chennai, it provides all the pre and post services with the help of its trained design engineers, electrical engineers, technicians, and other professionals across South India.

The company is backed by dedicated and experienced professionals. The company is well known in this sphere for its best quality services and products. Due to the excellent services offered, Sri Ragavendra Power Controls is the preferred choice among the customers.


The company's infrastructure plays a vital role in successful running of the company. It has a strong team of workers and several experts of Solar Power Products and Power Industry covering production, finance, R&D, quality control, marketing, selling and management supports the company.

Company Strength

The company's strength is its dedicated workforce. It is backed by experienced engineers, R&D, quality checkers, safety and structure engineers, and other workers. The company runs under solid rolling plan, which is distributed in five stages:

  • R&D
  • Standardization and Mass Production
  • Marketing and Selling
  • Financing
  • Evaluation and Innovation

Company Goal

Since incorporated, the company's main goal is to offer products and services at reasonable price range without compromising on the quality and performance of the product range. The company also provides prompt and quick after sales and before sales services to its consumers.

Checking of Products Quality

Sri Ragavendra Power Controls products like Solar Modules, Solar Lighting, Solar Thermal and other solar products which are tested by Sameer Center and ETDC, a complete center for testing equipments and development by Masters for testing of power equipments of Central Government of India.

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  • Phone : 044 - 3190 1999
  • Mobile : +91-98407 93456  / +91-98403 98456   +91-98402 86680
  • Email : sales@solarpanelsinchennai.net