Solar Charge Controller

The Luminous Renewable Energy make solar charge controller use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology by which the battery charge current is slowly reduced as the batteries get closer to full charged. This topology allows the batteries to be more uniform charged with less stress on the battery, extending battery life. It also keep battery in fully charged state by continuous adjusting pulse width (called float mode). It includes many important features and also overload/short circuit protection of batteries by MCB (Miniature circuit breaker).


  • Capacity : 3 KW/5KW/24V/48V/120V/240V
  • Modular construction for easy installation/dismantling. Suitable for standalone or multiple parallel module application to suit different power rating.
  • Powder coated -corrosion proof sheet steel box.
  • Built-in battery reverse current blocking diode.
  • Built-in MCB for battery short circuit protection.
  • Higher voltage charging option for equalizing charge (in manual mode).
  • Status monitoring of battery low & battery high annunciation LCD display on front panel.
  • Wall or base mountable arrangement.
  • Status monitoring LCD type front display:-
    • Solar charging current.
    • Solar charging voltage.
    • Solar charging power.
    • Cumulative energy output in KWH.
    • Instantaneous/Monthly average wind power (Optional).
  • Lighting surge protective devices.
  • Front mounted input/output terminal for easy accessibility, faster replacement of module and less down time.
  • Operating ambient upto 520C.

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