Whisper 200 (1000 W)

The only small wind turbine which has been type tested & certified as per IEC 61400 for "Power Performance" & for "Safety & Functional Test" by CWET (Centre for Wind Energy Technology, India).

This turbine, originally made by Southwest Wind Power of USA is the most efficient wind turbine in its class, and generates more power than any other similar turbine even at low wind speeds. During last 15 years, more than ten thousand of these machines have been installed all over the world and most are still working well.

Luminous Renewable Energy now owns the global manufacturing and branding rights of Whisper 200 wind turbines.

Upgraded Technology:

  • Peak output increased to 1400 W from earlier 1000 W due to improved alternator design
  • Wind turbine controller now has built in data storage and display for voltage, current and power output as well as instantaneous and average wind speed. Monthly energy output vs wind speed average data displayed for 12 months. (Wind data will be available if compatible anemometer supplied by us is used) Improved Rotor for lower noise, quieter operation.
  • Grid tie version is also available.


  • Rural electrification
  • Water Pumping
  • Offshore oil platforms
  • Telecom Mobile Phone Towers
  • Rooftop installation
  • Pipeline Cathodic Protection
  • 230 V AC mains Grid tie (with interface controller & Grid tie inverter)

Turbine Specifications:

General Configuration Model Whisper 200
Rotation Axis Horizontal
Orientation Up Wind
Rotation Direction Clockwise looking upwind
Number of Blades 3
Material of blades Polypropylene/Carbon Reinforced
Material of blade extenders & rotor shaft material SS 304
Rotor Diameter 2.72 M
Body/housing Cast Aluminum & MS duly marine coated as per ASTM B – 117
Mount 2.5 inches
Weight 30 kg
Certification ISO 9001-2008, CE, IEC 61400
Performance Peak Electrical power (watts) 1000 watts peak (as per IEC 61400 test cert)
1 min max average power output 700 watts average (as per IEC 61400 test cert)
Rated/Voltage LV model 24volts/36volts/48volts DC    HV model 120volts/240volts DC
Rated wind speed 11.6 m/s to 13 m/s
Startup/Cut in wind speed 3.1 m/s
Cut out wind speed 16 to 18 m/s
Survival wind speed 55 m/s
Rotor Swept area 5.8 meter square
Rotational speed 1200 rpm
Blade pitch Fixed
Direction of rotation Clockwise
Over speed control Side furling & dump load
Yaw System Wind direction sensor By tail fin & tail boom
Yaw control Free/Passive yaw


Instantaneous Wind Speed Annual Average Wind Speed

Whisper 200 Controller

The Whisper 200 charge controller is an intelligent Wind Charge Controller to provide the safest, secure and productive wind generator operation. The Controller mechanism includes the monitoring of various parameters like battery voltage, battery charging, load diversion, auto manual setting, cumulative kWh, etc. The controller is PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) type charge control logic.

The Controller contains 3 phase full wave rectification for battery charging and PWM type load diversities system. The system continuously monitors certain vital parameters i.e. voltage current power etc.


  • The Wind Charge Controller – Whisper 200 – is well-suited for 12V / 24V / 48V.
  • Clear alpha-numeric digital LCD screen with user selectable display options.
  • Equipped with advanced microcontroller based technology to provide easy access for monitoring and operation for the user.
  • Field adjustable battery voltage set points.
  • Energy saving backlight operation.
  • Controller diverts extra energy to dumpload, when batteries are fully charged.
  • Battery over Voltage Protection.
  • Front panel LCD display, with following features,

  • Displays battery voltage, battery charging current, kW and kWh reading, battery UV and OV status, Instantaneous / monthly / average wind speed in m/s – if anemometer is ordered along with the controller.
  • Supervisory Password Provision
  • Auto Manual Selector switc

Key Features:

  • Capacity 1000W 12V / 24V / 48V for Whisper 200.
  • PWM based state of art architecture providing overcharge protection / load diversion (in Auto mode)
  • Status monitoring of battery low & battery high – LCD display on front panel.
  • Status monitoring Liquid Crystal Display on the front panel, displaying various parameters
  • Modular construction for easy installation and dismantling.
  • Suitable for standalone or multiple parallel module application to suit different power rating.
  • Powder coated – corrosion proof sheet steel box.
  • User select : auto or manual operation
  • Higher voltage charging option for equalizing charge (in manual mode)
  • Automatic braking mode at battery overcharge / very high turbine speed.
  • Suitable for Rack mounting and the Wall mounting.
  • Lightning surge protective devices.
  • Operating ambient upto 52°C.
The Whisper controller is equipped with latest PWM (Pulse width modulation) technology to slowly lower the charging energy applied to the batteries as the batteries get closer to fully charged. This topology allows the batteries to be more uniformly charged with less stress on the battery, extending battery life. It also keeps the batteries in a fully charged state by adjusting pulse width (called float mode)


The AC power generated by the wind turbine is harnessed by using suitable size copper conductors and carried out to the wind controller. The wind controller initially converts 3 phase AC input in DC using bridge rectifier. The bridge rectifier then supplies the DC power through the suitable protecting devices like over current protecting device, etc. The controller monitors the battery bank voltage contiounlsly and the dump load. The dump load is gradually connected to the wind power so that it does not load wind turbine in one shot and then current to the dump load increases as voltage builds up on the battery. PWM technology is utilized to control the power to the dump load for certain models.

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