Whisper 100 (M200) – 900 W

A low cost sturdy machine for harsh & high to moderate wind speed areas. It can be easily mounted on roof tops & telecom towers to provide all the energy needed.

Turbine Specifications:

General Configuration Model Whisper 100(M)
Rotation Axis Horizontal
Orientation Up Wind
Rotation Direction Clockwise looking upwind
Number of Blades 3
Material of blades Polypropylene/Carbon Reinforced
Material of blade extenders & rotor shaft material SS 304
Rotor Diameter 2.32 M (7.43ft)
Body/housing Cast Aluminum & MS duly marine coated as per ASTM B – 117
Mount 2.5 inches
Weight 29 kg
Certification ISO 9001-2008, CE
Performance Peak Electrical power (watts) 900 watts peak @13 m/s
Rated/Voltage LV model 12Volts/24volts/48volts DC HV model 96V/120volts/240volts DC
Rated wind speed 13m/s
Startup/Cut in wind speed 3.4 m/s
Cut out wind speed 18 m/s to 20 m/s
Survival wind speed 55 m/s
Rotor Swept area 4.2 meter square
Rotational speed 1400 rpm
Blade pitch Fixed
Direction of rotation Clockwise
Over speed control Side furling & dump load
Yaw System Wind direction sensor By tail fin & tail boom
Yaw control Free/Passive yaw


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