Off-Grid Solar Inverter

Off-Grid Solar Inverter range is designed to meet the requirement of Rural and other remote site applications where grid may or may not be available . This Hybrid system can be used with Solar, Mains DG set combination & with only solar

Special Features

  • Adaptive algorithm for high efficiency MPPT Solar Charger
  • High efficiency DC-DC power conversion
  • Low current distortion and high PF during charging mode
  • Available from 1KVA to 15KVA in wide voltage range
  • Multi stage battery charging including temperature compensation
  • Fast changeover time
  • High inrush current
  • Current sharing between Solar & AC when present
  • Auto DG start-stop as per requirement
  • Digital display with keypad control
  • RS-485 with extended touch screen display
  • Data logging with storage and GPRS monitoring (optional)


  • Rural Electrification
  • Remote Sites
  • Farm Houses
  • Govt. Rural Health Schemes
  • Remote Telecom, Oil, Gas pipelines
  • Defence

The principle of operation of the Off-Grid Solar Inverter System is based on DSP technology. The latest DSP base circuit is used to control and monitor the type of conversion, i.e, Battery charging or Battery to Load / AC power conversion. The high conversion efficiency helps in longer battery backup. The advantage of low current harmonics and high PF is that it reduces the AC power bill (when working on mains) or reduced diesel consumption (when working on DG set)

Technical Details

  Nominal Battery Voltage* 48V 96V 120V 240V
  Nominal Capacity 1-3kVA 4-6kVA 10-12kVA 15-20kVA
  Output Voltage 230V ± 2%
  Output Frequency 50Hz. ± 1%
  Efficiency > 85%
Solar Charge Controller
  Type MPPT
  MPPT Charge Controller Range** 1 – 3K Wp 4 – 6K Wp 10 – 12K Wp 15 – 20K Wp
  MPPT Range 60-130V mp 120-230V mp 150-250V mp 300-450V mp
  Max. PV Voltage 170V μ 300V μ 320V μ 600V μ
Mains Charger
  Input Voltage 230V ± 15%
Input Frequency 50Hz. ± 5%
Display Alpha-numeric Display with Keypad
LED Indications • System On
• Inverter On
• Solar Charging
• Mains Charging
• PV Present
• Fault
Protections • Inverter Over voltage
• Inverter Over Load
• Inverter Over Temperature
• PV Under / Over Voltage Cut-off
• Battery Reverse Polarity Protection
• Mains Under / Over Voltage
• Battery Under Voltage
• Short Circuit Protection
• Surge Protection
Display Parameters • Inverter Voltage & Current
• Battery Voltage & Current
• Mains Voltage & Current
• PV-V, PV-I, PV-KWhr
Features • Three stage battery charging Float, Boost, Equalize
• Battery current limiting (Both for Solar and Mains Charger)
• Temp. compensation for VRLA type battery
• Intelligent control solar priority
• Battery type supported – Lead Acid Tubular, VRLA, Ni-Cd.
• Inbuilt data logging
• GPRS mounting of all parameters
Communication Type RS-232 or RS-485 or GPRS (To be specified wit h order)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Enclosure IP-31, Wall mounted (upto 6KVA) / Floor standing indoor type

* Different voltage can also be offered.

** Higher rating MPPT with different inverter rating can also be offered.

Product Range For Solar Applications

  • Hybrid solar Inverter
  • Intelligent String Monitor
  • 24V / 48V MPPT Charge Controllers
  • 110V / 220V MPPT Chargers
  • Array Junction Box
  • 24V / 48V DC Solar-Mains-DG-Hybrid System
  • MW Solar Inverter Solution from Answer Drives, Italy
  • 3 Phase Bi-Directional solar Inverter

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