Whisper 200 (1kw) Grid Tie Wind Turbine

The Whisper 200 is now available in "Grid Connect" configuration also. The system comprises of
  • Whisper 200 (1000W) in 120V configuration
  • Grid tie interface controller-*
  • Grid tie inverter with 120V DC to 300V DC input,220/ 230V AC Single phase output. Options of output frequency are 50 Hz or 60 Hz. **


  • Light weight turbine can be installed on rooftops of country homes or city high rise
  • Can be installed on mobile phone towers, thus reducing electricity cost.
  • In the event of mains power failure when other grid tie systems have to be shut down, this system can be diverted to battery /inverter set for supply of emergency power. Unlike the other grid tie wind turbines ,this system can be converted to OFF GRID configuration when the grid power is not available.
  • The wind turbine is IEC 61400 & CE certified while controllers and power electronics are CE certified.
  • An optional solar panel can also be connected to the system as shown in the picture.

* Accepts input of 120V AC to 300V AC 3 phase from the wind turbine and provides DC Output without any spikes almost like solar power. It also regulates the output voltage within maximum limit of 280V DC

** Grid Tie inverter O/P specification to be mentioned in Purchase order.

*** In case customer wants to use any other grid tie inverter, he has to provide the minimum & maximum DC voltage & current acceptable at the input of the grid tie inverter as well as output AC voltage & frequency. The interface controller can be re configured to any grid tie inverter.

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