Street Lighting System

We have long experience in carrying out remote off grid electrification for following applications:

Street Lighting System

For off-grid locations wind solar powered street lights are quite popular. Luminous Renewable Energy Solutions offers two alternatives

  • Street light mounted AIRX400 with solar panel.
    In this system, each street light pole has one small AIRX400 wind turbine with 50W solar module and a battery with electronic timer etc.
    In moderately windy areas, enough power is generated to light up a 70W halogen street light from dusk to dawn. Where modern LED lighting street light of 20W or less are used, three such street lights can be powered by one set of AIRX400 with solar panels.
  • More than 50-100 street lights can be powered by a single 5kw or 10kw wind solar hybrid central power plant as explained earlier.

In many countries, the street lights on the sea beaches and coast lines have been and can be powered at zero cost of power by utilizing one of the two systems mentioned above.

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