LED Solar Lighting

Revolutionary home lighting solution based on LED technology that consumes 50 per cent lesser energy and lasts longer


LED technology is revolutionizing lighting application and Solar Home Lighting Systems make use of this latest technology. Despite energy consumption being close to 50% lesser than CFL, the light output is very bright and white. In addition, the LEDs have a very long life, making this system highly reliable and ideal for rural applications.

Features and Benefits

System Components

  • Luminaire - 1.8W / 3.6W LED
  • Solar module
  • Sealed maintenance free battery
  • Solar charge controller - Ci10
  • Support structure, array cable, battery cable

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  • What is solar energy?
    A solar energy system creates usable power from sunshine. There are two basic kinds of systems: Photovoltaic or PV uses sunlight to generate electricity...
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  • How does solar help the environment?
    Fossil fuels are a leading cause of global warming and air pollution. Solar energy reduces the amount of fossil fuel that is burned, thus reducing the pollutants and CO² that get into the atmosphere...
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