Solar Water Heaters

High performance water heater with built-in innovation to prevent heat-loss


This Solar Water Heater consists of an absorber made of copper, a storage tank with PUF insulation, piping and a transparent cover. Solar energy heats the absorber surface and heat is transferred to the water flowing through the tubes attached to the absorber. The heated water is transferred to the insulated storage tank through thermosyphon effect. A transparent glass cover is placed above the absorber to reduce heat loss through radiation and wind.

The bottom and sides of the absorber are covered with insulation to reduce both types of heat loss. The absorber, cover and insulator are placed within a metal container. Cold water flows from the bottom of the storage tank to the collector, from which heated water rises to the top of the storage tank. To maintain the functioning of the system, a constant supply of cold water must be available. For this purpose, an overhead storage tank on the roof is convenient....

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  • What is solar energy?
    A solar energy system creates usable power from sunshine. There are two basic kinds of systems: Photovoltaic or PV uses sunlight to generate electricity...
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  • How does solar help the environment?
    Fossil fuels are a leading cause of global warming and air pollution. Solar energy reduces the amount of fossil fuel that is burned, thus reducing the pollutants and CO² that get into the atmosphere...
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