Solar Road Stud

Unique, innovative and state-of-the-art road safety device - a solar road stud powered by the sun.


The Solar Road Stud is a unique, innovative and state-of-the-art road safety device, powered by the sun. It provides a clear, visible traffic guidance round-the-year. These studs function automatically, from dusk to dawn and do not rely on reflected light from vehicle headlights.

In effect the Solar Road Stud proves to be a much better option than conventional road studs.

Conventional studs provide visibility up to where the head beam of the vehicle can reach, giving the driver a reaction time of only 3-4 seconds. The Solar Studs provide a visibility of almost 500 meters, even on meandering roads, without the help of the headlights. This gives the drivers more than 30 seconds to react and avoid accidents.....

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